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Posted on: 03/07/2024

vlogƵ Science Fair 2024

In a celebration of young scientific curiosity and creativity, the annual vlogƵ Science Fair held at Probus Primary School on Wednesday 3rd July showcased a wide array of innovative and creative STEM projects from our budding KS1 and KS2 scientists. Supported by , our participating schools this year included Probus Primary School, Treverbyn Academy, Sandy Hill Academy, St Stephen Churchtown Academy and Biscovey Academy.

Science 10

The morning was organised into a carousal of activities, with workshops and the main judging event. Environmental scientist, Hayley Hill from the University of Plymouth presented ‘Climate Change and the Oceans’, focussing not just on the issues of climate change but how we can better use the seas to offer practical solutions. The children made ocean art and played games to embed their learning.

The second workshop was led by Fritha Durham of , who enthralled the students with her workshop on rockets. Children learned about the science technology behind them and then planned, built, and launched their own from the playground, which was a huge success!

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Following on from the workshops, our young scientists had the opportunity to share their science exhibits with our guest judges for the competition part of the day.

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Giles Hill, Digital Strategy & Computing Lead for Digital Learning Cornwall/vlogƵ and Angela Praed, Head of School at Probus Primary School, judged our KS1 pupils who really shone with their palpable sense of discovery and excitement for science. Treverbyn Academy took home 3rd place with their chromatography butterflies, Sandy Hill Academy and Probus both completed investigations on black out blinds and which materials would be best suited to make them, and after intense deliberation Probus Primary School just pipped Sandy Hill to 1st place.

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Our LKS2 category was judged by Kate Whetter of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Caroline Skerry, Head of School at St Joseph’s, Launceston and the founder of the Cornwall Primary Science Share. The LKS2 children were excited to share their insights and discoveries with the judges and really ‘talked the science’. Sandy Hill Academy came in 3rd place with their sound circus, while the runner up was Probus Primary and their enquiry on comparing suncreams for best protection and how it protects us from the sun. For the second year running, Treverbyn Academy took home 1st place with their investigation on the weight of gas.

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Our UKS2 category was judged by two esteemed STEM ambassadors from engineering backgrounds, Steven Barbour, a Marine Engineering Technician with the Royal Navy and Kurt Nielsen, a Chemical Engineer who has recently retired from an international career in the energy industry. Both judges were hugely impressed by the children’s research and methodologies, together with their confident ability to explain and problem-solve. Probus Primary School was placed 3rd, 2nd place went to Treverbyn Academy with their research into blood cells and in 1st place was St Stephen Churchtown Academy with their investigation on Oil Spills in the Ocean and which sorbents are best for cleaning them up.

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Cheryl Frost, vlogƵ Science Lead and teacher at St Stephen Churchtown Academy was delighted at the level of engagement and creativity displayed by the children. "The annual vlogƵ Science Fair is a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to come together and celebrate STEM learning with other vlogƵ schools. The children can apply what they've learned to real-world scenarios and really see a purpose for science outside of the classroom.” 

The vlogƵ Science Fair went out with a bang, literally with the children being treated to a show in Probus Village Hall by the infamous . No curtains or ceiling tiles were singed but less can be said for the Rice Krispies.

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It seems the future of scientific discovery and innovation is burning bright.

Written by vlogƵ
Written by vlogƵ