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School Admissions

Applying for Reception Class

For children born between 1st September 2019 and 31st August 2020, the application system is open between 5th September 2023 and 15th January 2024

Applying for Junior School (Y3)

For children born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017 (attending an infant school in Cornwall e.g. Biscovey Nursery & Infants' Academy / Bude Primary Academy - Infants), the application system is open between 5th September 2023 and 15th January 2024

To apply online or for detailed information about the admissions process (including additional support, if required) or to contact the School Admissions Team, please call 0300 1234 101 or click on the link below:

Deferred/Delayed Admission to Reception Year

The majority of children start school full-time in the September following their fourth birthday. However, in some cases parents believe that starting part-time or starting later in the school year would be more appropriate for their child, particularly where their child was born prematurely and would otherwise have been due to start school a year later.

Parents can request a meeting with the head of the school where they have been allocated, or are hoping to gain, a place to discuss further.

Changing school or joining a school during the school year ('in year')

You can make an ‘in-year application' to change schools or join a school in Cornwall during the school year.  In-year applications include joining an existing year group at the start of a new school year. Click on the link below for more information:

Applying for Secondary (Y7)

Waiting Lists

As an admission authority, all vlogƵ academies have waiting lists and these are managed by the Cornwall Council School Admissions Team.  From 1 September 2023, children will be automatically added to the waiting list for a school (for the remainder of the academic year) where they have been refused a place.  For further information, please click on the link below:

vlogƵ Admission Policies